Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Well to be fair, that's how the saying goes, and more often than not it is so very true. It's not often that I am fortunate enough to photograph two beautiful models at the same time. So when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at the chance. Planning the shoot seemed to be pretty much the same as I would do for a 1 on 1 shoot - choose a theme, location, and decide on wardrobe, make-up and hair. I should have been a scout.

All's well so far. The tricky part starts once you get on location. If the models arrive on time (wink wink), getting the wardrobe sorted becomes rather difficult, as you not only have to choose the clothes you want to shoot, but they have to compliment each other - so the compromising begins.

Posing also becomes a challenge, and is definitely twice as hard as when working with only one model. Shadows, which I love to work with, now become a challenge.

BUT, let me be completely honest..........I had an absolute blast, and would suggest you try it out as soon as you can. The girls were great and we had twice as many laughs and twice as much fun. The two were so different in looks and attitude, it gave me an amazing amount of creativity in trying to capture each of their personalities.

Model: Rave A & Ammaarah L from Mould Modelling Academy
Clothing: Shannon Leigh Hardman
Accessories: Lucid Accessories

Check out the full shoot at: Craig Anderson Photography

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