Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Still one of my favourite shoots. Did this shoot in collaboration with my mate Paul John Wright and alternative model Rochelle (Scar Raven). Although this shoot was nearly a year ago, I still find the images captivating, but understandably not everyones cup-of-chino.

This was challenging in the planning, trying to find a suitable location to portray the clown theme was rather easy - Holy Rosary Convent in Central.

For those not familiar with Port Elizabeth, it is an old Catholic school that has been left to decay and now almost seems impossible to resurrect (excuse the pun).

In 1867, 6 foundresses left Durban and sail to the missionary station in Port Elizabeth, where they founded the Holy Rosary Convent. It was followed by two other catholic schools - Marist Brothers College for boys and St Dominic's Priory. Holy Rosary Convent, Marist Brothers College and Priory High then merged to form Trinity High School, for boys and girls. The Trinity High School moved to the holy Rosary Convent buildings while a junior school remained at the Priory. However in 2000, urban decline and economic factors led led to the move of Trinity to the Priory buildings when the Holy Rosary buildings were sold.

Hopefully, the building will be saved from utter destruction, and one day transformed to the beautiful building that it is.

So, that's the history lesson over.

As you can see by the beautiful images that we have captured, the contrast of the clown with the decadence of the old building worked very well. There were so many awesome locations within the building, that we were able to achieve what we set out to do. Working with both ambient and strobe lights we were able to make use of the amazing shadows that make this shoot so incredible.

Check out all the images at : Craig Anderson Photography

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