Thursday, February 20, 2014

Skate Park

Watching these guys fly through the air is phenominal. The mood down here is always one of coolness. The diverse groups of guys that spend their time here, one can just get lost in observing how they interact together. The skill levels also range from WTF to "just got my board yesterday".

The amazing thing to watch is how the hardcore skaters are willing to help the not-so-stable and take time from pulling radical manoeuvres to help out the youngsters.

On any given Sunday, the park is full of skaters, bladers, BMX's and even that little black bike we all have ridden at some stage in our lives. Now consider, with all this mayhem going on, with the tiny tots on their black bike, riding like they own the whole park, oblivious to what is going on around them, you would guess that there should be a near fatal accident every 2 to 3 minutes. There should be more blood flowing, more wailing, definitely more explitives and a lot more emergency room visits.

BUT NO.....everyone seems to magically miss each other as if they were repelling magnets. Sometimes it's hard to shoot because you spend your time trying to predict the next collision of flying skate boarder on top of dreamy black bike rider. I must add that there are some really close calls but all credit to the skaters for their talent of changing direction in mid flight. The best of all is watching the black bike riders's faces as they are completely oblivious to how close they came to a ride in a Netcare ambulance.

If you get the chance, pop down to the park to watch some of the controlled pandemonium happening on our doorstep. Thanks to guys like JOFF (Steven Carter) Steven Carter too, who has adourned the park with some of his amazing street art. He is a true talent and his work adds so much more colour to the already colourful and diverse group of 'parkers'.

If you see me down there, come and say HI.

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